Jessica Anguiano

Jessica Anguiano was born in Mission Viejo, California but was raised in El Centro, California. She resides in Yuma, Arizona and frequents her hometown. She considers both counties home. Her mother is from Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico and Her Father is from San Antonio, Texas. The desert southwest is prevalent in many of her art pieces as well as her Mexican American roots. She recently discovered she is part Yaqui and has been on a journey of rediscovery. Her favorite artist are Frida Khalo and Georgia Okeefe.

Anguiano began painting at the age of 3 and remembers vividly using her mother’s nail polish to create murals on the wall. Her art has been exhibited at SDSU gallery, IVC gallery, Yuma Art Center and numerous art events. Social media has helped her connect with artists and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

Anguiano keeps evolving every day. She represents Imperial Valley culture, her Mexican American heritage, and Native American roots. Her art champions resilience and diversity. Anguiano loves studying and creating art and is happy to share her artwork with you.

IVDM is excited to have a painting titled, In my grandmother’s skin by Anguiano on display as part of Native Voices | Native Truths: A Contemporary Experience.

You can find Anguiano on Facebook and Instagram @delcorazonjess.

Jessica Anguiano

In my grandmother’s skin, 2023


19 in x 13 in

In my grandmother skin was inspired by my quest to find my roots. I needed to find ne to make more art that mattered to me and Un return connecting to others threw my culture. These past years have been years of growth just like the vast arrays of colorful colors in the land. Just like a quilt where the patched work say a story. In my painting it reflects the different piece of me that I found. Threw stories threw research the woman in the painting reflects me consumed by the beauty of my heritage. Sometimes the most beautiful information and answers lies within you.