Dottie's Sponsorship Club

Meet Dottie!

 IVDM recently adopted a Sonoran Desert Tortoise, we are excited to announce Dottie's Sponsorship Club is now available to help support her care and be updated on all things Dottie, including a separate monthly newsletter!

The following yearly sponsorship levels are available:

  • Shell Club- $35.00
    • A general donation donated towards Dottie’s care that can include feed, care supplies, maintenance supplies, and other valuable resources.
  • Prickly Pear Club- $75.00 
    • A designated donations towards Dottie's feed and favorite treats!
  • Burrow Club- $150.00
    • A designated donation towards Dottie's veterinary care.
  • Conservationist Club- $500.00
    • A designated donation towards Dottie's tortoise enclosure. Your donation helps provide renovations, upkeep, and beautification of Dottie's home.
Dottie's Sponsorship Club Form & Sponsorship Levels

Join Dottie's Sponsorship Club today! 

There are two available options to join Dottie's Sponsorship Club: