Field Trip Programs

IVDM offers a variety of field trip programming throughout the year. Field trips are designed to meet grade level specific curriculum standards through engaging, hands-on experiences in history,-social science, next generation science standards, and visual arts.

In-House Field Trips

We host field trips for a variety of age groups and organizations.

  • Elementary School, Middle School, & High School

  • College

  • Scout Troops & Girl Scouts

  • Private groups & organization

Field Trip Modules

  • Our field trips are broken down into three components based on grade specific curriculum. Students are put in three groups and rotate through all of the modules. We are open to additional suggestions or requests by teachers to personalize your field trip experience.

History on the Go!

HOTG! is an alternative to a traditional field trip. Education specialists bring the field trip into the classroom! Any grade level can be modified into a History on the Go! program.

HOTG! Field Trip Modules

  • History on the Go! programing is usually a one hour session- 30 minutes of discussion followed by a 30 minute hands on activity. Times and activities can be tailored to specific classroom needs.

    History on the Go! includes:

    • An integrated, grade specific, history-social science and next generation science standard lesson.

    • Hands-on use of artifacts, tools, and science materials.

    • Visual arts project.

Zoom & Hybrid Field Trips

Virtual field trips are available for grades K-12; each lesson will focus on local indigenous history, science, and an optional art component fulfilling California Common Core Standards & Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Our Zoom presentations can accommodate 500 participants per meeting. They are between 1-1.5 hours long, but can be shortened if necessary. The Zoom ID's and your schedule will be provided once dates are confirmed. Upper and lower grade levels have different activities within our Zoom presentations. We also offer hybrid presentations where students get pre-packaged materials delivered to the school and we walk them through the activity through the Zoom presentation.

Virtual Classroom

Over the 2020 summer, IVDM wrote and filmed a 13-episode education video series geared toward grades K-12. These videos take students on a traveling field trip across Imperial County and San Diego, introducing them to the history and heritage still visible in the land today.

FREE Educational Video Lessons are available on the museum's YouTube channel and website.