Loan Request


  1. IVDM lends only properly accessioned and cataloged material.

  2. IVDM lends only to museums or other educational institutions, not to individuals or for-profit organizations.

  3. All loan requests must be approved by the Collections Review Committee after a completed A.A.M Standard Facility Report has been submitted to the Curator by the borrowing institution.

  4. IVDM shall use its own loan agreement.

  5. Curator shall work in conjunction with the borrowing institution’s representative to include any permissible modifications to IVDM’s loan agreement. Any additional restrictions or special requirements deemed appropriate by IVDM will be noted in writing on its loan agreement.

  6. Loans are generally made for a period of three, six, nine, or twelve months; but no less than one month and no longer than two years. Loan renewals will be reconsidered by the Collections Review Committee. Any exceptions must be approved in writing.

  7. All loans returned to IVDM must be packed and shipped in the manner in which they left IVDM unless alternate arrangements are made and agreed upon in writing.

  8. The borrowing institution will provide IVDM with a complimentary copy of any exhibition catalog or other publication that discusses the loaned object(s) as well as digital or hard copies of photographs of the exhibition, which depict the loaned object(s) on view.

  9. Installation photography by the borrowing institution for documentary and publicity purposes is permitted.


To satisfy the requirements of both lender and borrower the IVDM has developed the following loan procedures:

  1. All requests must be submitted in writing on institutional letterhead and addressed to the Curator. All loan requests must be made at least 90 days before the date of the loan, unless approved by the Collections Review Committee, to allow staff adequate time to process the loan request. Requests for exhibition purposes must stipulate the nature of the exhibition, requested duration of the loan period, a list of the objects, and any other details pertinent to the request.

  2. A preliminary research meeting can be set up ahead of time to determine which objects will be requested. Final approval of objects to be lent will be discussed by the CRC and approved by the Curator.

  3. Following consideration by the Collections Review Committee, the borrower is provided with a preliminary estimate of costs and informed of borrowing responsibilities and restrictions.

  4. All loans require a minimum of three months to process from the time that the final list of requested objects is submitted to the Curator, unless otherwise approved by the CRC. Payment of fees may be requested in advance.

  5. The loan agreement must be signed by the Director, Registrar, or appropriate representative of the borrowing institution.

  6. Specifications of the loan return are to be made at the time of the initial loan negotiation. Notification of the return is to be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Arrangements are to be made with the IVDM staff according to policy and the conditions of the loan.

  7. Federally-owned collections are subject to the established federal procedures for short-term and long-term outgoing loans. At the request of and with the signed approval of the designated authority, the Museum may generate and process loans on behalf of the designated authority.

  8. Loans are subject to recall upon reasonable written request and will be subject to immediate recall in event that any of the IVDM’s conditions of the loan are not fulfilled.

  9. The following credit lines must be included on all object labels: Loan courtesy of the Imperial Valley Desert Museum


Once approved, institutions will be charged an administrative fee of $200 for the first object and $100 per additional object for exhibition loans at the first or single venue. Objects in exhibitions traveling to different venues, will be charged $100 per object per additional venue. International loans will be charged an administrative fee of $500 per object. Administrative fees cover the costs of locating object(s), review by staff, oversight of procedures to process, pack, ship, monitor, receive, and return object(s) to storage. The Borrower will receive an invoice for these fees with written approval of the loan. In addition to the above administrative fees, the Borrower is responsible for all conservation fees, and all other loan-related costs (see Related Fees for All Loans). This fee is due prior to the loaned object(s) leaving IVDM property. Please note, once a formal loan request has been approved, if the loan request is canceled, withdrawn or postponed indefinitely by the Borrower, a Loan Request Cancellation Fee of $100 will be charged to the prospective Borrower.

Related Fees for All Loans

Conservation: If deemed necessary by the collections manager, contract conservation will be charged to the Borrower at the contractor’s rate.

Appraisal: If an appraisal is needed, the appraisal fee will be borne by the Borrower.

Insurance: The cost of all risk fine arts "wall to wall" insurance for the duration of the loan period (in transit and on location) of each object’s appraised value will be borne by the Borrower. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the CRC and borrowing institution.

Packing: Costs of material and labor will be borne by the Borrower. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the CRC and borrowing institution.

Shipping: The shipping method will be specified by the Imperial Valley Desert Museum. All transportation costs (carrier, customs, brokerage, freight forwarding, additional security, etc.) will be borne by the Borrower. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the CRC and borrowing institution.

Courier: The Borrower is responsible for a courier fee of $100/day or $50/half day, in addition to all of the courier’s transportation costs, accommodations, and meals associated with the courier’s work if transportation is outside of Imperial County.