Gloria Crosthwaite

Gloria Crosthwaite

Auka, my name is Gloria Montes Crosthwaite. Born in Ensenada, on April 18, 1992, I am the granddaughter of, singer, artist, and traditional chief, Gloria Castañeda Silva.

I am a Kumiai indigenous artist from San José de la Zorra, Baja California.

At the age of 6, my grandmother taught me to make crafts of reed, willow, and clay, as well as how to sing and dance. I am very proud to be indigenous Kumiai and grateful to my grandmother for her teachings.

IVDM is excited to have 3 woven baskets created by Crosthwaite’s as part of Native Voices | Native Truths: A Contemporary Experience.

Sawil de junco de grande

woven reed and thread

The larger basket (sawil) has butterflies that represent our town in the middle of the mountains.

Sawil de junco de pequeño

woven reed and thread

The second smaller basket (sawil) also has butterflies representing our freedom.

Sawil de junco serpiente collar

woven reed, thread, and beads

The snake necklace represents protection.