Amy Redfeather

Amy Redfeather is a 40-year-old woman from the Pechenga Band of Luiseno Indians. A multimedia artist and teacher, Redfeather currently lives in Oceanside, CA. Growing up in Fullerton, her life exists from the beach to the mountains, and she has always traveled back to the Pechanga Reservation with her mother to visit family, a tradition she continues to do with her daughters.

In Redfeather’s own words: 

“I would like to create a positive self-reflection that is inspired by the identity of Southern California native people and their relationship to the land. It is my goal to capture color, sound, and the feeling of family that reflects the landscape of California tribal people that connects us to our ancestors in a way that is compelling and contemporary. I would like to do this by elevating photography, paintings, and ceramics, in hopes of helping people to see the connection with the land through the unseen.

As a Native Californian artist, I like to think about trade routes as networks for Southern California tribes. The Southern California tribes that have been recognized by the federal government are the current care takes of a shared history of the land. The government forced migrations of native people by reservation creation in the 1800’s. Tribes that were not given land were based on if they could prove formal government structures and bylaws but were also pushed out based on how desirable their land was. Between tribes we share ancestry and shared knowledge…there were not clear borders, our boundaries were gray, and we traveled trade routes.

What defined trade routes? Oceans, Land, Mountains, Bodies of waters, Land that was dry, Rivers that flow, Deserts. 

Territory was defined by following these rivers and land formations… I believe that as an artist, I am meant to move through multi mediums to create meaningful connections to these abstract thoughts and feelings of movement.

IVDM is excited to be exhibiting several ceramic works, and photography by Redfeather as a part of Native Voices | Native Truths: A Contemporary Experience.

You can find more of Redfeather’s work at

Connection through the weaving of nets. We are one. 2023

collection of ceramic vessels

A net connects us with our ancestors it is unseen and yet I can hear it and feel it as my heart is guiding my travels. My art replicates my life with fluid movement from the mountains to the sea and out to the desert… we are one is a prayer to the sacred … earth, air, fire water and spirit…it is in our blood. I give to you several open vessels that become one and give medicine of connection to see the ties that bring us together.

From the mountains to the sea, we belong. 2023

digital photography prints on aluminum plate

24 in x 36 in