Traditional Craft Days

Throughout the summer months we host various days highlighting traditional craft methods used by the Kumeyaay.

Come join us appreciate and celebrate Kumeyaay culture with fun traditional craft activities that are FREE to the community.

Traditional Craft Days Summer Schedule 2022

  • Saturday, July 9th- Pottery
  • Saturday, July 23- Pottery Painting
  • Saturday, August 6th- Pendant Weaving
  • Saturday, August 20th- Games

Coiled Clay

The coiled clay method has been used by the Kumeyaay and other indigenous groups of the Southwest for over 1,000 years. 

It was very important to the Kumeyaay to successfully make ceramic vessels to carry water in the desert, this contributed to the Kumeyaay’s ability to migrate throughout California and Baja California, Mexico.

Pendant Weaving

The tradition of basket making in Kumeyaay culture and neighboring indigenous peoples dates back thousands of years in southern California. Like many of the Kumeyaay’s tools, baskets performed a variety of functions. They were used for practical purposes including the gathering, preparing, and food storage. Depending on the baskets’ use and design, they could take months or even years to complete.

IVDM highlights the pendant in celebration of the Kumeyaay and other indigenous groups, recognizing their skill in this time-honored tradition. One of the more difficult crafts, pendant weaving requires patience and attention to detail. Be sure to come out and visit to learn more about the history of this beautiful practice.