PHOTOLAB: Michael Field: Designer, Hiker, Photographer

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PHOTOLAB: Michael Field: Designer, Hiker, Photographer

October 17, 2015- January 31, 2016

Michael Field, lead exhibit designer at the San Diego Natural History Museum, had a big year opening the new Coast to Cactus exhibit, but this was not his first experience with the beauties of the Southern California deserts. Field has been an avid hiker and photographer, even designing his own line of camping equipment. This exhibit explores the complexities of his desert photographs and looks at the landscape through the lens of a designer. 

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The IVDM has been invited to join PHOTOLAB in redefining the month of October. This is San Diego County's first Month of Photography, the region's first event of its kind. PHOTOLAB will inaugurate a massive celebration of photography to San Diego County's 3.2 million residents. Built in support of San Diego's signature photography event, the Medium Festival of Photography, PHOTOLAB aims to bring opportunities, awareness, and exposure to all photography related events happening in the county.



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All photographs taken by IVDM staff or used with permission by Joselito Villero and Michael Field. All rights reserved.2014.