Virtual Classroom

video series


IVDM offers virtual learning content for educators and students across grades K-12.  

Each video takes students on a traveling field trip across Imperial County and San Diego, introducing them to the history and heritage still visible in the land today.

Click HERE to watch the videos on YouTube!

These videos are provided FREE on the museum’s YouTube channel and website.  Each video lesson includes an accompanying worksheet to reiterate video lessons to students.

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To request copies of the completed answer sheets, please contact the Education Coordinator at:

(760) 358-7016


Worksheets & Activity Sheets


Kindergarten  -- Locations & Ideas

Grade 1 -- Creation of the Sun & Moon

1.  Instructions -- 2.  Cut-out Pattern

Grade 2 -- Coiled Clay Snakes

Grade 3 -- "Desert is Alive" Scavenger Hunt

Grade 4 -- "Google Earth" Scavenger Hunt

Grade 5 -- Trails: Geography at Home

Grade 6 -- At-Home Archaeology

Grade 7 -- Expedition Journals

1.  Instructions -- 2.  Entry Sheet

Grade 8 -- Kumeyaay Timeline

Grade 9 -- Archaeology & Ethnography

1.  Instructions -- 2.  Sample -- 3.  Entry Sheet

Grade 10 -- "Who am I?"

Grade 11 -- "Resilience" posters

Grade 12 -- Tribal Governments, Tribal Sovereignty