Desert-Sized Art


The desert is a seemingly infinite expanse of sand, with often little vegetation or infrastructure to provide a context of size.  Here, scale starts to disappear.  To build on this kind of radical scale requires radical proposals at unusual sizes.  Desert sizes. It is the goal of our Artists-in-Residence to enhance the landscape, increase the art that visitors will find on the museum grounds, and expose the community to new, interactive, art.

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 Neal Lucas Hitch

Artist-in-Residence: 2012-2018

Lucas graduated Southwest High School in El Centro in 2013 and Judson University in 2017 with a degree in architecture.  He has interned for three months in Tokyo, Japan in 2017.  Art projects Lucas has designed and installed can be found at the Imperial Valley Desert Museum (Ocotillo, CA), Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (Coachella Valley, CA), Hello Wood Studio (Csóromfölde, Hungary). As the Artist-in-Residence for the IVDM Lucas' designs have included mosaic snake tables, the Ocotillo Lunar Observatory, and the Giant Purple Cactus.


Giant Purple Cactus



Mosaic Tortoise


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Ocotillo Lunar Observatory


All photographs taken by IVDM staff or used with permission by Joselito Villero and Michael Field. All rights reserved.2014.


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